Path to Purpose

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This course provides an overview of exploring a Path to Purpose with students. Purpose-finding is the art of reflecting, asking questions, and discussing what one’s purpose in life is, and is linked to positive behaviors:

  • Lessening anxiety.
  • Bolstering community connections.
  • Stronger personal academic performance and goal-seeking.
  • Better connections and communal behavior, such as environmentalism.
  • Among many, many more (as you’ll soon learn!)

Notably, when we say “exploring a Path to Purpose”, this is not the same as a “genius hour” or “passion” activities. The goal of purpose-finding is to think about one’s place in life and how one fits into an overarching narrative. During this course, you will be presented with four major concepts:

  1. The “Why”: Understanding the research and background of purpose-finding.
  2. The “How”: Looking at how to implement purpose-finding into a classroom.
  3. Implementation: Seeing examples of purpose-finding, as well as templated resources.
  4. Spreading the Practice: Synthesizing all information toward expanding the practice beyond the classroom.

Following this course, you will be provided a certification that may be used with your continuing learning program toward professional development credit. Please check with your administrative team if this course satisfies your school’s accreditation program.