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This course introduces the learner to the concept of ungrading: removing marks as much as possible from the classroom, with the end goal being no grades at all. Many educators see the issue with grading on a daily basis:

  • Students lose motivation to learn after receiving a low grade.
  • Students don’t look at feedback, look at the mark, then brush the assignment away.
  • Grading hurts the relationship between educator and student.
  • Some students are more prone to receiving low grades (e.g. a lack of understanding, needing more time, lack of family support, etc.)

During this course, you will be presented five major concepts:

  1. The “Why”: Understanding the research and background of ungrading.
  2. The “How”: Looking at how to implement ungrading into a classroom.
  3. Implementation: Seeing examples of ungrading, as well as templated resources.
  4. Deprogramming: Analyzing how systems-based thinking is needed to bring students into an ungraded classroom.
  5. Spreading the Practice: Synthesizing all information toward expanding the practice beyond the classroom.

Following this course, you will be provided a certification that may be used with your continuing learning program toward professional development credit. Please check with your administrative team if this course satisfies your school’s accreditation program.